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Akademi Fair

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  07 April, 2015 / Ganja
  04-05 April, 2015 / Baku
  17 August, 2014
  05-06 Nisan, 2014
  27-28 April, 2013
  9-10 August, 2012
  28-29 April, 2012





Akademi Education Co


Akademi Education Co. has started since the beginning of 2000s with the individual efforts of the students studying in Turkey and USA completed its institutionalization process in 2008.


 Our organization is known for its operation on study abroad with a team composed of mostly alumni of foreign top universities. Our organization is particularly specialized in study in Turkey, Europe, UK, USA and are working with leading state and private universities and acts as representative on their behalf.


As an organization, we organize presentation and scientific conferences, presentation and preference days for Universities, fairs in Baku and carry out various presentations.



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Süleyman Rəhimov 186/34 (Azadlıq 37)
Baku / AzerbaijanAZ1010


Tel: +99412 449 81 56
Mob: +99455 249 81 56
E-mail: info@akademi.az